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Open Air Business aims to provide expert information on pertinent subjects to each area of the outdoor hospitality market while showcasing successful businesses with detailed interviews. We will also be examining products and services with dedicated features helping function venues, glamping business owners and festival/event organisers make the best purchasing decisions. We also serve landowners and farmers looking for diversification ideas, specifically within the outdoor hospitality sector.

For the purposes of editorial clarity, Open Air Business has three sections – Function Venues, Accommodation and Events, however each outdoor sector has significant commonalities, and not just the effect of the British weather! Many operators have cross sector interests, acting both as a venue, an outdoor accommodation provider and / or holding events. Indeed, having talked to many suppliers it is apparent that the same products are sold across the board; from professional services (such as insurance and planning consultation) to toilets and shower facilities and tents and marquees – even cut up aeroplanes have a market that spans the breadth of the industry, or so we are told by one advertiser! 

The outdoor hospitality industry is enjoying unprecedented growth, but its fragmented nature presents a challenge for product and service providers aiming to reach potential customers in a diverse market. We hope to galvanise the sector by providing cost-effective access to 7,500 small- and medium-sized outdoor function venue owners, glamping providers and outdoor event organisers

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