How you can leverage the power of YouTube for your business

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

More than 1.9billion users visit YouTube each month, which equates to one in two Internet users throughout the world and is available in 89 countries in 76 languages. The platform is adding 900,000 unique visitors every month and, by mid 2020, is expected to increase its user base by 187.8 million. 

But don’t fooled into thinking it’s just for funny videos of cats on skateboards. Whatever the size of your business, if properly integrated into your marketing strategy, YouTube can be a cost-effective way of growing your business. 

Here are just some of the reasons why and how. 

Setting up your own YouTube business channel

Creating a channel for your business on YouTube is a great way of getting your brand noticed and a place where you can keep your followers informed of any new developments and offers - it can persuade potential customers into buying your service over your competitors. 

Marketing on YouTube will get you found on Google

YouTube videos have a greater chance of ranking high in search results than a blog post alone. YouTube videos appear in Google results with an accompanying thumbnail image which can attract more attention than text only results. Supplementing your blogs, content and articles with a video on YouTube will help improve your business’s chances of being found on search engines.

Producing unique videos

You will need to be producing video that is interesting to watch, makes you stand out and which an audience will remember. It could be something funny, but it definitely needs to be original. Like all of your content, your YouTube videos are representing your business brand so make sure that it has a clean professional look to it - it could be worth investing some money and time into getting it right as you will still be spending a lot less than on a TV advert. 

Optimising your keywords for SEO

Make sure you optimise your video headlines, title tags and image descriptions and have your keywords in the video titles. This will help to reach your target audience from similar videos they are already watching via related videos. Do some research for the keywords that will reach your target audience and those that best reflect your products and services. 

Direct your YouTube viewers to your website

It is crucial to include links to your website from YouTube. This can by providing the link in the first line of each video description, adding links in your channel’s ‘about’ section and of course publishing on your website as well. You could add a teaser on YouTube, so the audience has to go to your website to continue watching.  

Have a plan and create a series of related videos

It is important to have a proper strategy of how you are going to use the channel to help your business rather just posting videos randomly. Understand what your trying to achieve, the key messages and clear call to actions. 

Don’t expect overnight success…

If you are starting from scratch, it may take some time for you to start seeing results in terms of subscribers and views, but don’t get discouraged and let your initial enthusiasm dissolve. 

Be patient and continue to produce high quality and unique video, to reach a wider audience, generate more awareness of your brand and generate more traffic, leads and engagement. 

It is never too late to embrace the power of video.