Space Marketing owner featured on Brilliant Businesses website!

“I kind of stumbled on advertising, as a career by accident. When I left school, I had a Saturday job in WHSmith, which progressed into full time work, but, at the age of 20 I really needed to find a career and work out what I was going to do. I went for an interview with Cornhill insurance, I wanted to be a financial advisor - at the interview the guy said, I like you, I think you could do a good job for us, but you're too young and you don’t have the experience. He told me to go and get a job with my local newspaper, specifically a sales job as they are the best sales trainers in in the industry, then come back and see me in 12 months. So off I went down to The Courier - I thought I can get a job there for 12 months then go and make my fortune in insurance.I got the job at the Courier at the very bottom of the advertising department, doing telephone sales to private advertisers. I found that I just loved publishing and never really went anywhere else, for the next 20 years. I moved into trade sales, recruitment advertising, property advertising and started climbing the career ladder, within the newspaper group, became display manager, looking after the homebuyer as it was at that time, local people would remember that - 80 pages of houses for sale.

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