What are the benefits of continuous advertising?

Advertising is an essential element of marketing your product or service to your customers, both new and old. There are two main ways you can do this - either through short term or long term (continuous) advertising campaigns. If a continuous advertising campaign is to be thought of as an investment, what are some of the benefits you can expect?

Maintaining brand and product awareness

The marketplace is constantly moving and developing, with new ideas and products coming along all the time. When you enter the marketplace, you're competing for a finite amount of your customers' attention. If your product or service doesn't capture that attention, it will be spent on something else. But capturing their attention isn't always enough.

If you want your products to be as successful as possible, you need to be able to maintain the focus and attention of your customers on a consistent basis. Customers can be prone to forgetting a product exists if they're not reminded of it, so continuous advertising is a wise investment purely on the basis of reminding customers to buy.

Ongoing development and refinement

No advertising campaign begins perfectly, it requires consistent tweaking and improvement in order to maximise its effectiveness. No matter how good an ad may seem at the conception stage, you never know for sure how successful it's going to be until it reaches the marketplace. Sometimes even the "best" ideas just don't resonate with people.

Continuous advertising allows you to draw real-time data and information from your advertising campaign, and use that to alter and improve it. Stopping a campaign, altering it, then kicking it off again is time-consuming and expensive. With a continuous advertising campaign, you'll be able to alter and improve your campaign as you go.

Establishing brand authority in the marketplace

Continuous advertising is something most, if not all, of the largest companies in the world employ with their products and services. So, if your business does it, that automatically allows your product, service, and business to enjoy a boost in your perceived authority within your specific marketplace, which always improves sales.

A continuous advertising campaign will show your business is successful and your products are popular, which will establish all-important consumer trust. That trust is the first step from transferring first-time customers into long-term customers. Continuous advertising sends a clear message that your products or services are worth using.

Invest in continuous advertising through all mediums

Marketing is now split into either online or offline categories - online is through digital ads, social media etc., while offline refers to more traditional print marketing materials like flyers and brochures. The joy of continuous marketing as a concept is that it works equally well across both types of marketing.

It doesn't matter whether your business is big or small, or whether you're trying to advertise a new or existing product - investing in continuous advertising is a great way to ensure it establishes and maintains traction.

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