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West Kent Radio is a non for profit charity, regulated by Ofcom and run almost entirely by volunteers, many from the world of media and journalism.  We broadcast on 95.5 and 106 FM to Tonbridge, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, southern Sevenoaks, Paddock Wood and online via our website to the surrounding towns and villages within about an 8 mile radius of Tunbridge Wells.  Our Target audience is aged 45 and above which is approximately two thirds of the adult population of the 110,000+ within our transmission area.


We also broadcast online and to the local hospitals.


Unfortunately, we cannot give you exact FM listener numbers or demographic, our output is aimed at 35-40+  but when the radio is on in a home or in the car it could be quite a mixed audience and likely to more than one individual listening.  Some radio stations try to gauge listener numbers through surveying a large group of people. This can help to gain a rough idea, but the nature of this means that it can be somewhat inaccurate


Based on responses to programmes, audience feedback, website, online and smart speakers, we average over 27,000 listeners per month and our audience is steadily growing.


Prices include the production of an advertisement via our radio production agency – this ensures that all advertisements are compliant with Ofcom regulations and music etc is free from copyright restrictions.


12 months 2 plays per day £95+VAT per month

12 months 4 plays per day £150+VAT per month

12 months 8 plays per day £250+VAT per month

Advertising Sales Manager

David Hobden

01892 677 741

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